What is Smash Tennis Academy?

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Our mission

Impacting Lives,
One Shot at a Time.

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At Smash Tennis Academy, our tennis programs are catered to individuals intending to learn tennis as a long-term goal.

For our participants to grow, we want to provide a productive and safe environment to learn and fall in love with tennis. We welcome aspiring tennis players, supportive family members, and friends who have contributed to the academy’s growth.

With your support, we strive to establish ourselves as one of the most prominent tennis academies in Singapore in developing and shaping our tennis players.

The foundation of the academy is solely built based on the trust and respect shown between our players, coaches, and the rest of the members of Smash Sports Academy. This is to show that Smash Tennis Academy is the right place for you!

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Our values


At Smash Tennis, we aim for excellence in coaching, curriculum, and fostering student-coach relationships.


Our passion for tennis drives us to inspire students with enthusiasm and love for the game.


Respect is fundamental; we treat everyone with dignity, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.


Dynamic sessions keep players invested, focused, and motivated to reach their full potential.


Sharing knowledge and successes fosters collaboration and elevates both individual and community growth.


Collaboration and unity among players, coaches, and staff cultivate a winning culture beyond tennis.

Our team

Meet the Coaches

Joie Tan Coach Photo

Tan De En

Founder and Head Coach
Chung Kai Siang Coach Photo

Kai Siang

Lawrence Oh Coach Photo

Lawrence Oh

Elise Yeo Coach Photo

Elise Yeo

Coach and Hitting Partner
Joie Tan Coach Photo

Joie Tan

Coach and Hitting Partner
Christine Coach Photo


Hitting Partner
Wong Yew Kit Coach Photo

Wong Yew Kit

Victor Coach Photo


Zhi Xiang Coach Photo

Zhi Xiang

Nyall Coach Photo



Roy Lau


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