Hitting Partner

Coach Christine’s journey in tennis is quite a tale. She began playing at 9, but quit when she found the training too rigorous. However, her love for the sport was rekindled when her family started playing tennis together again. Ever since then, she has been consistent in her training, even representing her school in tournaments.

After a coach at Smash Tennis Academy encouraged Coach Christine to apply as a hitting partner, Coach Christine decided to take it up as she felt it was a pity to let her tennis skills go to waste. As a hitting partner, Coach Christine values fairness and respect, and believes in working hard, having fun and staying true to her values.

Coach Christine describes her playing style as a counterpuncher from the baseline. She enjoys rallying from the back and going for winning shots when the opportunity arises. With her upbeat personality, Coach Christine inspires her hitting partners to relax and let loose, all while enjoying the game of tennis immensely.


Playing Career:

  • Played tennis for 13 years
  • Participated in STA, POL-ITE, SUNIG
  • Won gold for POL-ITE (NYP) in 2018 & 2019
  • Female Captain for Nanyang Polytechnic (2019) and SUSS Tennis (2023-2024)

Hitting Experience/Certifications:

  • Joined Smash Tenins Academy since May 2023

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