Joie Tan

Coach and Hitting Partner

Coach Joie’s tennis journey began in primary two when she joined it as a co-curricular activity. Despite her school’s tennis club closing due to funding issues, Coach Joie’s love for the sport remained unchanged. She convinced her parents to enrol her in the junior Singapore Tennis Association (STA), where she received professional coaching and honed her tennis skills. Her dedication to tennis persisted through her time on the school teams at Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Management, eventually leading her to pursue tennis coaching herself.

Coach Joie strongly believes in sportsmanship and emphasises the importance of players taking responsibility for their actions on the court. Respect between players is important, and she deeply believes that enjoying the game is essential for both personal growth and camaraderie.

As a people person, Coach Joie believes in building rapport and genuine connections with her students. After each session, she debriefs her students on their progress, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, Coach Joie welcomes feedback on her coaching methods, viewing it as an opportunity for mutual growth and development.


Playing Career:

  • Played tennis for 14 years
  • Team Captain of Nanyang Polytechnic tennis team
  • Participated in POL-ITES in Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Participated in SUNIG in Singapore Institute of Management

Coaching Experience/Certifications:

  • Participated in Polite NYP doubles and obtained Gold
  • Participated in SUNIG SIM
  • Coached for 1.5 years
  • Coached up to 50 individuals

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