Lawrence Oh


Coach Lawrence first became acquainted with tennis when he was in junior college. He seized the opportunity to make use of the tennis facilities at his JC, and played consistently. Since then, coaching has remained a cherished aspiration. He finds great satisfaction in imparting knowledge and assisting others in their tennis journey, all while supplementing his income and maintaining his fitness.

For Coach Lawrence, values such as respect, punctuality, and responsibility hold significant importance on the court. He emphasises the significance of respecting opponents, coaches, and the rules of the game, as well as being punctual for practices and matches. Additionally, he instils a sense of responsibility in his players, encouraging them to take ownership of their actions, performances, and development as tennis players.

His teaching methodology blends theory, demonstration, practical application, constructive feedback as well as prioritising hygiene and safety. Particularly with younger players, Coach Lawrence believes that instilling a sense of caution while enjoying the game is crucial. To him, tennis isn’t solely about having fun; it’s also about playing intelligently and staying safe, while ensuring each trainee feels empowered to develop their unique hitting style comfortably.


Playing Career:

  • Played tennis for 48 years
  • Participated in Thomson Community Centre’s Inter-constituency match

Experience as a tennis coach:

  • 6 years and counting of experience teaching tennis
  • Provided coaching to people of various ages and skill levels, spanning from juniors to adults.
  • Customized coaching programs to enhance the style and strokes of each participant.

Education or mentorship:

  • Graduate diploma


  • ITP Play Tennis Course

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