Roy Lau


Coach Roy’s journey in tennis began unexpectedly at the age of 14. Before that, he had no prior acquaintance with the sport until it was introduced to him by his father and brother. Quickly enraptured by tennis, his passion for the game ignited. Throughout his transition into adulthood, he practised consistently and participated in the sport during his time at polytechnic and university. At that period of time, one of Coach Roy’s cousins was searching for a tennis coach and recalled Coach Roy’s affinity for tennis. Thus, he ventured into coaching, eventually joining Smash Tennis as an instructor.

Firmly rooted in the belief that ”practice makes perfect”, Coach Roy emphasizes the importance of continuous practice both within and beyond formal lessons. Recognizing the sport’s demands for a positive mindset, unwavering perseverance, and the cultivation of muscle memory, he consistently encourages his students to engage in stroke simulations even outside of class.

Coach Roy’s teaching philosophy is characterised by its simplicity, clarity, and adaptability. Tailoring his approach to align with each student’s unique aspirations and objectives, he designs specialized programs tailored for adults and children. Possessing a deep empathy for his students, he anticipates and addresses the challenges novice players may encounter, crafting his lessons to facilitate their progression. Beyond fostering proficiency in tennis, Coach Roy aspires to instil in his students a sense of joy and appreciation for the sport, aspiring to be a source of inspiration and encouragement in their tennis journey.


Playing Career:

  • Co-founder & Captain of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS),(2018-2022)
  • Participated in Singapore University Games (SUniG), (2022)
  • Participated in NYP Tennis Open (2015)
  • Over 10 years of tennis experience

Experience as a tennis coach / Certifications:

  • Impacted and coached beginners from all age groups starting from juniors to adults (Private & Group Lessons)
  • Mentored and developed intermediate players to a higher playability level
  • Tailored coaching to improve each individual’s style, strokes and game plan

Education or mentorship:

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Communications, SUSS

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