Coach Victor’s journey with tennis first began back when he was in primary school. At that time, a tennis academy came over to promote their business. Intrigued, Coach victor immediately signed up for it. With an initial goal to keep fit and stay away from video games, he soon found passion for the sport. Venturing beyond his comfort zone, he served as an assistant coach under his previous mentor for two years in Malaysia. Though he faced challenges at the start of his coaching journey, he soon found fulfilment in his coaching journey, thoroughly enjoying sharing his passion for tennis with his students. After he came to Singapore, he joined Smash Tennis Academy as a coach.

Coach Victor firmly believes in these 3 values. Commitment, honesty, and respect. He believes that being committed to training is important in order for one to improve and strive for greatness.He also believes that  honesty does not just apply to line calls in matches, but in our daily lives as well. Lastly, Coach Victor advocates for having basic respect for opponents, peers, coaches, and those around in order to create a positive learning environment.

Coach Victor assesses his students’ skills through ball drills, targeting strengths and weaknesses. For beginners, he focuses on footwork and shadow drills with cones, progressing to ball hitting. Intermediate players receive personalised instruction, allowing them to hone their techniques. Coach Victor prioritises continual improvement and a fun learning environment, offering guidance on mental toughness for competition. Serious stuff aside, he maintains an upbeat attitude to keep lessons enjoyable and students motivated.


Competitive Career

  • 1st place in POLITE 2022 as part of SP Tennis Men’s Team
  • 2nd place in POLITE 2023 as part of SP Tennis Men’s Team
  • Vice president of SP Tennis AY24/25
  • Semi-finalist in Penang Closed Juniors’ Age Group Boys 18 and Under Doubles 2019
  • Champion in Penang Closed’ Juniors’ Age Group Boys 18 and Under Singles Tier 2 2019
  • Champion in MSSPP Tennis Boys Doubles Age Group 15 and Under 2018
  • Runner-up in Penang Closed Juniors’ Age Group Boys 14 and Under Singles Tier 2 2018
  • Runner-up in Penang Closed Juniors’ Age Group Boys 12 and Under Singles Tier 2 2016

Coaching Career

  • Been an assistant coach for his previous coach for 2 years back in 2020. Coached kids aged from 6 to 15.

Education and Mentorship

  • IGCSE and SPM holder, currently pursuing a diploma in food science and technology at Singapore Polytechnic

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