Wong Yew Kit


Coach Yew Kit’s love for tennis began in Primary 3 and has stayed with him into adulthood. His coaching story started when friends asked for his advice on improving their game. Seeing their progress, he felt fulfilled and decided to pursue coaching.

Coach Yew Kit believes tennis should be both enjoyable and safe. He prioritises creating a secure and fun environment for his students to learn and excel.

Analysing each student’s strengths and weaknesses, Coach Yew Kit customises an individualised plan for each student. He focuses on teaching the most effective techniques for hitting and moving while keeping the experience fun and injury-free. A cheerful and carefree individual, he ensures every lesson is infused with enjoyment.


Playing Career:

  • Played tennis for 16 years
  • Played in the national ‘A’ divisions competition in Nanyang Junior College. Won overall 6th place in 2017
  • Played in NUS interhall games (IHG) competition in Eusoff hall. Won gold in 2020 & 2021 and silver in 2022 & 2023

Experience as a tennis coach /Certifications:

  • 4 years of coaching experience with kids & adults, beginner to intermediate level

Education or mentorship:

  • NUS B.Eng (Hons) Environmental Engineering

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