Zhi Xiang


Coach Zhi Xiang’s tennis journey started at the age of 8 during his time in Japan, where he took it up as a hobby. He honed his skills further at a tennis academy. Upon moving to Singapore, he continued playing, often practicing at his condominium after school. His passion for the sport led him to join the tennis club at Singapore Polytechnic, where he competed actively. Eventually, he was introduced to Smash Tennis by a friend and applied to become a coach at the academy.

Central to Coach Zhi Xiang’s coaching philosophy is the belief that tennis should be enjoyable for all. He endeavors to enhance his students’ skills while fostering a love for the game.

Coach Zhi Xiang prioritizes proper warm-up routines for his students and emphasizes the importance of mastering fundamental techniques such as forehand, backhand, and footwork. He incorporates various drills into his lessons to facilitate continuous skill improvement. Despite the focus on technique, he ensures that his lessons are enjoyable by incorporating elements of fun into each session.


Playing Career:

  1. 13 years in playing tennis
  2. Champion for Polite 2022/2023
  3. 2nd place for Polite 2023/2024
  4. Participated in STA intermediate singles, doubles

Experience as a tennis coach / Certifications:

  • Coached beginners, mentored and developed intermediate players to a higher playability level

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