Corporate Tennis in Singapore

Ready to swap the conference room for some fresh air and sunshine on the tennis court? Our corporate tennis program encourages teamwork, communication, and camaraderie in a fun and engaging environment.
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What to expect

Introduction to Our Corporate Tennis Program

Open to companies of all sizes and industries, our corporate tennis program is an ideal choice for team-building events, client entertainment, employee wellness initiatives, and more.

Whether your colleagues are beginners or seasoned players, our experienced instructors tailor sessions to accommodate all skill levels. From basic strokes to advanced strategies, everyone can sharpen their skills and enjoy the thrill of improvement.

Forge meaningful connections with colleagues as you volley, serve, and strategise together on the court. Our program provides the perfect backdrop for building lasting professional relationships in a relaxed setting.


Why Your Team Should Sign Up

100% Fun!

Experience a refreshing departure from the conventional 9am-5pm routine with our corporate tennis clinics. Dive into a world of fun and camaraderie.

Professional Instruction

Benefit from expert guidance and coaching from our certified instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Equipment and Facilities

Enjoy access to tennis facilities equipped with everything you need for a successful outing, from racquets and balls to courtside amenities.

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Start Your Journey With Smash Tennis!

Want to rally your corporate team to victory? Connect with us and let's serve up success together!
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