Junior Match Day

Game On! Smash Tennis Academy's Junior Tournament Day: Where Players Learn, Compete, and Make Friends on the Court!
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Day of Skill-Building and Fun

What is Junior Match Day?

Our Junior Match Day offers an exhilarating session of tennis for junior players ranging from 4 to 15 years old. To ensure fair competition, players will be grouped according to their age groups. Tailored to ensure a positive introduction to competitive tennis, our Junior Match Day utilizes larger, slower balls and smaller courts to enhance serving and rallying success.

This action-packed event features 3 hours of round-robin singles matches, with simple scoring, varied opponents, and a strong emphasis on enjoyment. Players will receive scoring assistance if needed and have the opportunity to win various prizes, with overall awards for top performers.

No matter what our participants’ goals are – seeking recreational play or eyeing competition, our junior match day provides the ideal gateway to the world of competitive tennis.

Note: *This event is open to Smash Tennis Academy’s students and all members of the public.


Why You Should Sign Up

Improve Your Game

Junior match day provides young players with the opportunity to refine their tennis skills in a competitive setting, allowing them to improve their technique, strategy, and overall performance.

Build Confidence

Through participation in matches, children build confidence as they learn to handle pressure, make decisions under stress, and compete against peers of similar skill levels.

Enhance Communication

In addition to skill development, junior match day fosters social interaction among young players, creating an inclusive environment where friendships can flourish and connections can be made.

Embrace Challenges

Competing in junior match day events not only offers valuable experience in competitive tennis but also helps children develop a competitive mindset, preparing them for future tournaments and challenges.

Have Fun

Beyond competition, junior match day is about having fun and enjoying the game of tennis. With engaging matches, supportive coaches, and a lively atmosphere, children are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Achieve Results

Participating in junior match day encourages children to set and achieve goals for themselves, boosts their self-esteem and motivation, empowering them to strive for success both in tennis and in life.

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Pricing and details

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Players should possess a basic level of tennis experience, acquired through activities like club coaching or casual play with family. They should demonstrate the ability to sustain a rally by hitting at least three consecutive shots and initiate a point by successfully dropping a ball and hitting it over the net. Mastery of overarm serving is not required for participation.

Participants will be grouped according to age and abilities.


  • 4-7 years old
  • 8-10 years old
  • 10-15 years old


  • Red/Orange Ball
  • Green Ball
  • Yellow Ball

  • Match will commence from 9 AM-12 PM
  • Players will be grouped according to age groups and ball categories
  • Players will play round-robin matches (5 – 7 min rounds) and will record the number of points they get for each match they play (counting 1, 2, 3 etc.)
  • Players will serve for two points each – serving underarm or overhead
  • Winners will be decided within a 10 points champions tie-break set
  • Prizes will be awarded to players from the winners of each ball category
  • Participants will also each receive a door gift

Kallang Tennis Hub, Junior Courts

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Sign Up for Our Junior Match Day Now!

Registration is open to all Smash Tennis Academy students and members of the public.
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